Delivery Time

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Please note Terms & Conditions for Delivery time specified for a product.

Product will be shipped when we receive your confirm order with confirmation of payment made. (For payment optiopn click here.)

Incase of Cheque and DD, product will be shipped once the Cheque is cashed successfully OR DD is cashed successfully in Bank Account.

Your product will reach your door-step around the time promissed during product purchase.

If the delay is caused it could be due to following reasons:

  • Service at your address is handled by a Third Party courier tied up to our official courier services.  OR
  • Courier person reached your house but found it locked.  OR
  • Product Stock / Color stock is experiencing any shortage OR
  • The product you ordered has to be imported and then shipped to you.
    • In this case, delay can happen sometimes as a third party for product import is involbed.

Order would be Cancelled / Kept On Hold due to following reasons:

  • There is no service at your PIN Code
    • In this scenario, our team will be in constant touch with you and you will be asked for an alternate PIN code, if provided, your order will be dispatched to the new shipping address. If not provided, the order would be cancelled. You can then reorder your product with another shipping address.
  • You have selected Cheque/DD as a mode of payment and your Cheque/DD did not reach us OR did not cash successfully.
    • In this case order will be on hold for 10 days and buyer will be informed about the same. If issue is resolved order will be dispatched. If not, order would be cancelled due to lack of payment. You can then make a fresh order.

In all the situations above our support team will always be in contact with you to guide you in correct direction and get your order shipped as early as possible!


If you have any further clarifications visit our Contact Us section OR contact us on


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